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Make the most of your outdoor space! Our customized treatments eliminate and repel mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas for up to 21 days, protecting your family and pets from the pests that keep you itching and scratching.

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I've been using Mosquito Joe for our pest control to keep the skeeters out of our yard. They've been great and I'm so happy with the misting system, it really keeps the bugs away from our animals and visitors. I highly recommend them!

Elaine West

I love this service! It works well.

Myra York, Realtor

Austin does a thorough job. I am pleased that he takes his time to spray all the shrubbery..

Beverly Manley

Dexter gives amazing customer service. He solves whatever issue we are having.

Erica Landis

Mosquito Joe’s is a very responsive service. After just one treatment I enjoyed sitting outside with my family enjoying a mosquito free time together at dusk.

Esther Zissimopulos

This was second treatment from tech Dexter he was respectful and knowledgeable

Wanda Hutley-geathers

I had mosquitoes driving me nuts in our backyard and at our tailgate spot neat campus - and Mosquito Joe solved both with regular applications of organic control. Thank you for an amazing job!

Rusty Thompson

Mosquito Joe is great! Our backyard is mosquito free, thanks to Eric!Great service!

Ocala Bart

Do a really great job. Highly recommend.

Justin Chesser

Austin called, came and meted out mosquito death on time and with dispatch! The buffet that is my body to these snack-prone vampires is closed for now. Thank you Mosquito Joe!

Deborah S.
Mosquito Joe

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